Men's shorts Styx sports rubber multicolored (B832)

6810,00 Ft
15180,00 Ft

Márka: STYX
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Továbblépés a boltba

Styx - men's shorts - sports rubber STYX shorts - do you like comfort and quality underwear, moreover made in the Czech Republic? Then you will definitely choose here. STYX shorts are made of 100% cotton, which makes them very comfortable to wear all day, but you can also use them for classic home lounging. There are slits on the sides of the shorts, which allow much more extensive movement and thus much better mobility. The shorts look great and will only make you happy.The shorts have a woven rubber at the waist and are exactly what you know them, and if you don't know them, you want to know them, believe me. - Rubber - woven - Material - cotton - Composition - 100% cotton - Wash - 30 ° C - Dryer - no - Ironing - yes Made in the Czech Republic

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