Swimwear Lydia Coral M-484 (3) Coral

10149,00 Ft
31690,00 Ft

Márka: Marko
Rendelkezésre állás: Raktáron

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Interesting, very fashionable swimwear in beautiful colors. Bra with double straps (thin elastic straps) at the neckline, smooth at the base, slightly wavy in the middle. Reinforced construction with underwire and permanently built-in padding (filling) push up - phenomenally lifts the bust and optically enlarges it. Panties of Brazilian cut, extremely fashionable and sexy. To achieve the intended Brazilian effect, the back of the costume should be strongly pulled down to the hips so that their triangular cut nicely decorates the buttocks.,Features of the costume:,- Two-piece costume with "straps" (i.e. double straps),- The most fashionable in summer,- reinforced cups, with underwire (only at the base of the cups) and push up effect,- push up permanently built into the bra, non-removable (available in sizes S, M, L, XL),- the design perfectly brings the breasts together, lifts them and optically enlarges them,- ideal for small and medium breasts,- straps with adjustable length, non-removable,- girth fixed on the back,- briefs tied on the sides,- patterned front and smooth at the back,- latest collection summer 2018,- composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.,Costume size,Breast circumference where the bra fits best,Girth under the bust,Hip circumference (panties fit best),Front height Fig,With,82-84 cm,68-73 cm,up to 90 cm,17 cm,M,85-87 cm,71-76 cm,up to 94 cm,17 cm,L,88-90 cm,74-79 cm,up to 98 cm,18 cm,XL,91-92 cm,77-82 cm,up to 102 cm,18 cm

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